Mercato Saraceno
Authentic CRU of Romagna hills.
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Agrarian identity

We are wine artisans, guardians of the land. On the hills of Mercato Saraceno, in the Savio Valley, we produce wines with respect for the earth and the environment. From the care of the vineyard to the harvest, from the winemaking processes to bottling, each wine is the result of the choices and daily work of the Tenuta Casali family. The knowledge of the territory, a boundless passion and the constant commitment to bring the best expressions of Romagna viticulture into the bottle are the basis of wines with a clear identity and a recognizable style, mirror of the territory and of the individual seasons.


Handmade wines

Our job is to take care of the territory.

The vineyards bring order to the view of the valley and taking care of them is our goal.

In return, we collect the grapes that nature gives us and transform them into wine, all by hand.

Drinking one of our bottles is like traveling and pausing to look at the valley from up here.


  • Tenuta Casali will premiere at Vinitaly 2017 the first bottle of Famoso produced starting from the original plant of this ancient Romagna vine. Until today in Romagna there were different versions of Famoso between the provinces of Forlì-Cesena and Ravenna, now we return to the......

  • Tenuta Casali of Mercato Saraceno wins the “Douja d’Or”. award for the fourth consecutive year. This is the prestigious competition that since 1967 sees the Chamber of Commerce of Asti and the National Organization of wine tasters select each year the best Italian Doc and......

A bottle of wine begs to be shared; I have never met a miserly wine lover.

Clifton Fadiman